EDPS issues opinion on draft smart metering regulation

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NHS Digital Commercial Strategy Case Study

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As Net Zero and other market initiatives drive immense change within the energy sector, our experts ensure those ambitions are realised through smart design and management of complex market arrangements.

Our Service Offerings

    Solution & Design


    Our understanding of emerging technology, data management and market arrangements help clients to design and deliver compliant and secure solutions within market rules. We work with Governments, Regulators, Industry Bodies and Energy Companies throughout Ireland and the UK to design and manage market arrangements so that they remain supportive of policy goals.

    Collaboration & Management


    We believe that success is achievable and sustainable when we all work together, contribute our ideas and collaborate. Enabled by our deep energy insight, we facilitate value creation across the supply chain, supporting engagement in structured, transparent and open ways. We make the market rules work better for everyone

    Assurance & Insight


    New technology and operational activity is expanding risk and compliance challenges.We help assure and understand performance, and we support our clients as they build confidence operating within these complex arrangements. We further use our technical, regulatory and industry knowledge to provide insight on market activities, offering guidance that provides actionable intelligence to support strategy and policy development.

Harnessing our sector knowledge, bringing together a more connected world.

  • Governance

    Our core strengths help government departments, regulators, industry bodies and businesses navigate the changing landscape and help markets work efficiently, with integrity and for everyone.

  • Green Energy

    The traditional energy system is rapidly shifting to a decentralised, decarbonised and digitised one.

  • Cabling, circuits in gold


    Our services help establish and maintain innovative market arrangements to enable change and ensure everyone can compete on a level playing field.

  • Scheme Management

    We design, develop and manage assurance schemes for some of the most significant industry initiatives including smart metering and retail market entry.

  • Smart Energy

    Technology is already seeing the vision of a smarter energy world become a reality.

    Lego Bricks

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    Blog, Insight

    What if… LEGO did energy regulation?

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    Thought Leadership, Insight

    Privacy and Security challenges with the Irish Smart Metering Roll-out

    Our Thoughts: Energy

    Read our latest insights into the Energy sector by clicking the link below.

    Meet Our Experts

    Miriam Atkin

    Director of Energy
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    Sarah Fuller

    Director, Gemserv Ireland
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    Graeme Forbes

    Head of Market Solutions (Energy)
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    Nigel Wilkinson

    Head of Energy Consulting
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