EDPS issues opinion on draft smart metering regulation

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NHS Digital Commercial Strategy Case Study

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Cyber & Digital

The leading independent Cyber & Digital professional services consultancy.

Our Cyber & Digital sector comprises Cyber Security, Privacy and our Digital Services Practice.

We offer a wide range of services from risk management and digital transformation to cyber and privacy assurance in our increasingly data driven world. Our consultants understand how markets are transitioning and therefore the impact of future trends in cyber and privacy, and ultimately the potential implications for you and your customers.

We understand that the world is becoming increasingly digital, with customer engagement at the heart of this change. Our expertise in digital change and innovation expands the range from digital strategy to enterprise architecture, whilst placing the customer experience at the core of everything we do.

What makes us different?

We deliver certainty to clients supported by deep technical expertise that is backed by security-cleared experts. We tailor all engagements and advice to client requirements to ensure a personalised and solution-agnostic service is provided. Our experts have a proven track record in numerous industries including financial services, energy, defence, HMG, health, mining and education.
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Deep Fakes are real. How Art and Music are having an impact on Data Protection and Cyber Security

Lady using face recognition on a mobile

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US senators urge Labor Department to drop facial recognition

Our Latest Thoughts: Cyber & Digital

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Meet Our Experts

Mandeep Thandi

Director of Cyber & Privacy
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Camilla Winlo

Head of Data Privacy
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Ian Davis

Head of Information Security
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Ian Hirst

Partner, Cyber Threat Services
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Kaveh Cope-Lahooti

Principal Consultant - Data Protection
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Aparna Murali

Information Security Principal Consultant
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Alessandro Scarlatti

Senior Technical Consultant – Digital Services
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Paula Mahoney

Data Protection Consultant
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