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The Cyber Hacks Podcast

9th Feb, 2021

The Cyber Hacks

How secure is your business from a potential cyber attack?

In our Podcast series we will be joined by recognised experts, authors and thought leaders as we explore the cyber security challenges of tomorrow and how we approach them today.



Episode 4

One year on from the Assault on the US Capital we examine the full impact of disinformation and its ability to undermine the world’s most powerful nation state.

In this episode of Cyber Hacks, Adam Harrison interviews three of the most respected researchers and published authorities on the subject of disinformation, power and the influence of extremist groups. We examine the dynamics between these elements which propelled the events of the 6th Jan, what this means for social media and the residual impact of the events on western democracy.

We will examine the conspiracy narratives and campaigns of extremist groups, the role of disinformation in hybrid warfare and the interplay between their activities and mass political movements. This dynamic is pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the world around us. Do societies and businesses really understand the power of social media and its ability to mobilise mass movements. How can we mitigate these risks to our societies, economies and people?


Episode 3

What is the new and exciting role of A.I. and cyber security in the detection and arrest of those committing serious and disturbing crimes in our society today? What do you get if you combine an eminent forensic anthropologist, a dedicated mathematician and computer scientist with real world, international crime fighters including the NCA, Police & FBI?

The answer – H-unique, this pioneering use of A.I. in the pursuit of serious crime marks a ground breaking departure from traditional policing methods in the world of modern law enforcement. This episode provides fascinating insights as to how “H-unique” is changing the way we see A.I when it is used as a force for good as an extremely valuable tool in the arsenal of those who pursue serious criminals in partnership with the police, to help protect our most vulnerable.

Episode 1 & 2

We are delighted to welcome special guest Nina Schick to The Cyber Hacks podcast. A political commentator, writer and broadcaster, Nina specialises in how disinformation and technology are reshaping geopolitics and democracy. Nina is on forefront of disruptive politics working on decisive European political campaigns and elections, including the UK’s 2016 EU Referendum, Brexit, and Emmanuel Macron’s successful bid to become French President in 2017.

The first episode highlights the way in which AI is being deliberately manipulated in a cynical attempt to change the collective perception of the truth of actual events and our understanding of them. Key topics include, what response and leadership in this area can we expect from western democracies and how do we protect ‘Truth’ in the age of synthetic media.

The second episode discusses individual privacy issues and risks to ‘ownership’ of biometrics in respect of synthetic media. Key topics covered in this episode include the protection of privacy rights for individuals, digital biometrics and the moral and legal issues raised around consent. Synthetic media could herald the death of the ‘right to a private life’.


Episode 1

If you have a hearing difficulty, watch our vodcast and read the transcript for Episode 1 of The Cyber Hacks.

Episode 2

If you have a hearing difficulty, watch our vodcast and read the transcript for Episode 2 of The Cyber Hacks.