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Introducing Gemserv’s Energy Solutions Services – Governance

15th Mar, 2021

Welcome to the first of our three-part blog series celebrating the diverse range of services Gemserv provides through its Energy Solutions team for a multitude of contracts including trade associations, Government schemes and expert groups.

Here, we will highlight the skills, knowledge and experience we employ to successfully support our clients to achieve their purpose.

Blog 1: Governance

A key element of the contracts we administer is the governance under which they are run. We help establish these frameworks from the start, ensuring these are continually monitored, enforced and enhanced to keep relevance with the current climate.

The core functions of our Governance provision are:

  • Membership
  • Change control
  • Audit and assurance
  • Contract management
  • Financial management

The UK Revenue Protection Association (UKRPA)

The UKRPA is a trade association which was formed in 1998 for the exchange of information and best practices related to the prevention of electricity and gas theft. Gemserv helped establish the Constitution for the Association and continues to administer its terms. This includes running the annual election process for the Committee positions, facilitating General Meetings, and managing membership procedures.

Similarly, the Energy Solutions team produces and manages supplier contracts for its clients, to confirm the responsibilities of, and relations between, the Service Provider and the member parties of the trade association or expert group. This includes the terms for activities undertaken by Gemserv, as well as external providers such as IT functions, legal representation, venue hire, marketing and technical consultants. These Agreements are comprehensive, containing suitable Data Protection and Confidentiality provisions.

Key Services

Change and audit management are two key services the Energy Solutions team offers:

  • An example is the work Gemserv undertakes as the Registration Authority for the Meter Operation Code of Practice Agreement (MOCOPA), with responsibility to manage code change, generate impact assessments, consult parties on solution developments, and manage the voting process and implementation releases of the code.

  • Another obligation Gemserv provides as the Registration Authority is the audit function. We plan and manage the performance assurance of MOCOPA Parties annually through desktop reviews and technical site audits. We manage the non-compliance process and calculate Parties’ risk levels, influencing the future audit requirements and associated charges.

We also have extensive experience in providing financial management for our clients, including

  • setting annual budgets,
  • accounts payable and receivable activities;
  • and end of month/year reporting.

Contact Us

If you are interested in benefiting from our skills and experience, to find out how we can help, please contact Kunal Sharma (Energy Solutions Senior Client Manager).

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