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Featured: Joachim Brandt in Irish Times on emission reduction targets and EV uptake

15th Dec, 2020

Joachim Brandt, Head of Head of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles at Gemserv recently gave his views on targets for transport under the Green Deal emissions reduction targets, in an article in the Irish Times.


‘The target for transport will not be easy to reach, according to Joachim Brandt of professional services provider Gemserv. He says the EGD recognises that 25 per cent of carbon emissions come from transport and decarbonisation will require a mass switch to electrical vehicles (EVs), but he is not impressed by current strategies – or the lack of.

“If you look at the reality, Ireland has about 14,000 electric vehicles on its roads in comparison to about 4 million fossil fuel vehicles,” he says. “On one hand there is ambition, on the other hand if it doesn’t translate into tangible action it won’t go anywhere.”


He says EV uptake won’t be implemented by any single sector: “No sector can do it by itself. It will require an effective integration of an electricity system, which needs to power a whole economy with all the new demand from EVs. And the charging infrastructure required is also vital to ensure motorists enjoy a consumer-friendly charging experience. If 80 per cent of charging will be done at home, the public charging infrastructure won’t be commercially viable. Things like this are not being addressed. We see ambitious targets but no one is saying how we get there.

“Only if we all work together will we be able to remove the barriers facing what is a fragmented market and come up with solutions that are scalable, investable and provide confidence to consumers to make the switch to EVs,” he says. “We can’t just wait for things to work themselves out. Choices need to be made now.”


To read the full article on the Irish Times website please click below.


Joachim Brandt

Head of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

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