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Personal Data Flows: What’s Next For Global Transfers?

Date of event 23 February 2021

Time 11:00 - 12:00

Location Online

The Personal Data Flows: What’s Next For Global Transfer webinar was hosted by the Executive Leaders Network, with Gemserv’s Principal Data Protection Consultant, Samuel Plantié presenting alongside Neil Ross from techUK.

Key takeaways

While we can reasonably expect that personal data will be able to continue to flow freely from the EU to the UK for the next few years, there are still many challenges for businesses to consider, such as appointing a representative in the EU.

The question of data transfers to the U.S. still remains a highly delicate matter, both from the EU and the UK perspective, with the Schrems II case being part of the UK’s data protection framework and its potential impact on the UK’s own data protection adequacy with the EU. A probable U.S. Federal privacy law may also have important worldwide consequences.

With all these topics to watch, businesses are also acknowledging the aftereffect of digital transformation: the long-term protection of IT and data assets with a remote work force proves challenging, with both cloud providers resiliency and cybersecurity highly acute matters to consider.

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