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Data Protection Officer Service

Fully outsourced data protection officers and data privacy advisers for data-driven organisations.

Experts in data privacy, technology and our sectors

Our data privacy consultants combine a deep knowledge of international data protection regulations, case law and guidance with specialist knowledge of advertising and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and the emerging needs of our key sectors of

    Online Retail

Which service is right for you?

All organisations need data privacy advice from time to time, but not all organisations need to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Gemserv therefore not only offer DPO services but also the option of a Data Privacy Advisor.

Data Protection Officer

You might choose to appoint a DPO if you think it will help your organisation, for example because it will help your customers trust you. If you appoint a DPO, your DPO must carry out certain tasks for you. You need to choose someone who is up to date with privacy law and developments, senior enough to report to your highest level of management, but not a manager with responsibility for deciding how personal data is processed themselves. Most organisations either create a new role to do this, or they choose an outsourced DPO who understands their industry and activities, such as Gemserv.

Data Privacy Advisor

Our data privacy adviser service may be right for you if you do not need or want to appoint a DPO, but you do want to have access to expert privacy advice when you need it.

This service will not carry out the tasks of a DPO but will provide guidance and support.

Why Choose Gemserv?

  • Our Consultants

    Our experts specialise in Ad Tech, Construction, Insurance, Legal, Telecoms and Online Retail.

  • Our Expertise

    We have knowledge of the privacy risks and challenges associated with AI and machine learning, digital advertising and international businesses.

Our Capabilities

  • Consultancy

    Our expert consultancy services help businesses make the right decisions and gain competitive advantage.

  • Data Protection, Security & Risk

    We are an expert provider of professional services enabling the data revolution. We help businesses gain a competitive advantage through building trust with their consumers in handling data.

  • Digital Transformation

    We use the power of data and technology to create meaningful business change. For good.

  • Regulatory

    Our services help establish and maintain innovative market arrangements to enable change and ensure everyone can compete on a level playing field.

  • Project & Programme Management

    We provide professional services enabling the transformation of industries. Using our insight we work collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure complex markets work for everyone ...

  • Procurement & Commercial

    We provide strategic procurement and supply chain management services and will work with you to deliver value throughout your procurement and contract management activities.

  • Scheme Management

    We design, develop and manage assurance schemes for some of the most significant industry initiatives including smart metering and retail market entry.

  • Strategy

    We support organisations with their strategy formulation and implementation, helping them achieve their vision.

  • Testing & Assurance

    Our professional services help organisations develop robust processes to meet regulatory and best practice standards. We also help clients prepare for key changes to existing mar ...