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Data Management

We help you manage metadata, master data and transactional data across the data lifecycle. We can support your change initiatives or operate managed platforms.

How can good data management drive better outcomes?

However you use data whether as a data producer, supplier, broker or consumer without careful consideration your data estate can quickly get out of control. Finding the data you need can be difficult and lead to lost time in discovering what you have available and effect the actions you need to take. We encourage the use of metadata and discovery automation to help you alleviate this problem.

Ensuring the data you do find is fit for purpose i.e. accurate, complete, timely, consistent, etc. This greatly improves experience of your data products. We understand how data quality can be baselined, what targets to set, how to measure them and link back to the business value.

We know that having a reliable source of the truth can go a long way to unlocking additional sales revenue from cross-selling, better negotiations with suppliers or improved financial management. We will work with you to identify the your most valuable domains whether that is Customer, Product, Parts, Suppliers or anything else and create a master data solution fit for your organisation.

Understanding your transactional data is now the cornerstone of many businesses. It allows you to see the patterns of the past and predict the trends of the future. Ensuring you have the right architecture to store, maintain and expire data is essential for business growth.

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Explore Our Data, Analytics and AI Services

  • Data, Analytics & AI

    Data is at the heart of an organisation’s digital transformation. We can help you overcome challenges to deliver the right data to support your business.

  • Analytics & AI

    We help you to measure performance, discover insights & trends and enable automated action through the use of machine learning and other AI practices.

  • Data Governance

    We work with you to create successful operating governance that covers Data Quality remediation, Data Ethics concerns, Data Security, Data Privacy and Data Protection.

  • Data Strategy

    We work with you to align business priorities, objectives and initiatives with data maturity goals and targets. Producing recommendations, best practice and costed roadmaps.