EDPS issues opinion on draft smart metering regulation

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NHS Digital Commercial Strategy Case Study

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Data, Analytics & AI

Our services are designed to help you power your organisation with data. Using data to fuel your innovation, growth and operational excellence enabled by technology and secured by the latest best practices.

Why Gemserv?

We understand that data is at the heart of an organisation’s digital transformation – data that can be securely accessed by the wider organisation to drive better decision making and action, product development, personalised customer experience, or richer market insights.

However, there are more challenges than ever to deliver the right data to support business needs, including the accuracy and scale of data across the organisation, empowering users within the business, and meeting governance requirements.

We have wide experience in successfully delivering measurable business outcomes from digital transformation strategies and programs into a variety of heavily regulated markets including energy, low carbon, and financial services, as well as health and public sector, and can support customers end-to-end, or at any point on their data journey. We know every customer is different, and as a lean and flexible partner we deliver data solutions that are tailored to their precise needs, whilst also ensuring sector specific regulatory compliance, and safeguarding against risk.

Successful key stakeholder management is in our DNA, which leads to lasting customer relationships.