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Simon Fox-Mella

Retail Market Specialist

Simon is an experienced energy professional, currently responsible for delivering assurance as part of the RoI Retail Market Design Service’s Assurance Body. He is passionate about driving change and innovation to deliver best in class service to external and internal stakeholders.

Since joining the industry in 1998, Simon has become recognised as an expert on energy markets, regulation and governance. Amongst his key achievements has been the facilitation of cross-industry changes and communications associated with the rollout of half hourly settlement and advanced meters in GB.

Joining Gemserv in October 2016, Simon has worked across several roles and contracts. In these roles he has chaired the electricity Master Registration Agreement’s Issue Resolution Expert Group and the Prepayment Metering Forum. He has also managed the secretariat and governance function for AltHANCo, which is focused on the GB alternative Home Area Network solution. Simon has also provided his extensive regulatory knowledge and attention to detail in support of Gemserv’s CodeWorks – a solution for digitalised regulatory policies, licences, codes and processes.